The Organ Kundabuffer: that which blocks access to free will.

The music of Kundabuffer: an ironic pulse on the dance floor; that which demands free expression of the dancers. A beat that takes one Nowhere. In that space, all associations belong to the dancer. We must experience our own best stories. Nostalgia pairs with novelty without invoking direct reference, only sense. The play of the dancer follows: pay attention and move. With no thing given, the job of the DJ becomes simple: get out of the way of the music.


  • 7/28/11: I'll be heading to Seattle to spin at an [inertia labs] 13 year reunion party.
  • 7/10/11: Check out my remix of Sasha's upcoming track "Cut Me Down" over at Burn Studios.
  • 9/10/10: A preview of the track "Wet" is now on Soundcloud. This is the first track for an upcoming EP of original Skinbuff tunes.
  • 8/1/10: Will be DJing at a groovy outdoor psytrance blowout near Eugene. Contact me for info.
  • 3/10/10: Just finished my first collaboration with Ol' Skinny under the name Skinbuff. The track is a remix of Wolfgang Gartner's "Latin Fever". You can check it out on my Soundcloud page.
  • 9/1/09: I've started a new weekly donwtempo night at 800 Larkin with the lovely bartender Jana. Get the info.
  • 5/31/09: Sadly after almost a year, Junque comes to an end.
  • 3/4/09: There's a new track posted in Productions, "RHPD" that I'm quite fond of and we're still dealing the Junque the last Saturday of every month.
  • 9/29/08: A new track just in time for fall dancing! Check out the productions page for your helping of "Second Serving". Also, Junque continues the last Saturday of every month. We just held our 5th month where I debuted "Second Serving". It sounded great on the club system! Next month we'll have a special guest from Seattle, Gromit!
  • 6/24/08: The first night of Junque, a new monthly I'm promoting along with former Seattle cohort Ol' Skinny, had a decent turn out for a premier in an out-of-the-way venue. We're looking forward to the second installment on Saturday, June 28th. We're even bringing in some extra sound-reinforcement to give the beats a little more ass. What more could you want!?!
  • 3/31/08: My first production under the Kundabuffer moniker is now posted.