If you listen to a mix more than a few times, please download it rather than streaming it from this site.

New mix coming late October 2008.

The Rejected "Space Traveler" Demo: progressive house, tech-house, progressive breaks and trance; this mix was an audition demo for the Oracle Gathering's event of the same name. (August 2004)
  • Andy Ling - Calling Angels (Evolutions 2003 Breaks Mix) [Fluid Sessions]
  • Feline 9 - Purr (Alan Barrett mix) [Drenched]
  • Agent 001 - When Pigs Fly [Reversible Records]
  • Raoul Russu - Dimension One [Orient]
  • Derick Wright - Space Sessions [Oval]
  • Madoka - Mass [Private Reality]
  • Sphere - I Love Sound (James Niche remix) [Progress Inn]
  • Arcane Rhtyhm - Shadows [Vapour]

Allure Downtempo Mix One: glitch, IDM and ambient; this is one of the opening mixes played at Allure, a club night at which I was a resident. (March 2002)

Vapourware: progressive house and trance; all tracks in this mix are from the Australian label Vapour Recordings. (December 2001)

Allure Demo: ambient, tech-house and trance; this was the music demo I made for the club night Allure. (November 2001)

Red Bull Sessions: tech-house and techno; this short mix--it's only 30 minutes long--I submitted with my application to the Red Bull Music Academy(June 2001)

  • Estelle Montenegro - Reliance [Elektrolux]
  • JFC - Strange New World (Timewriter Remix) [Elektrolux]
  • Estelle Montenegro - Planetary Flavor [Elektrolux]
  • Weekend World - Sacred Sessions A [Tide]
  • Der Dritte Raum - Distanz [Virgin]
  • Toneking - Pneu [Clockwork]
  • Der Dritte Raum -  Der Schrittmacher [Automatic]
  • Gradient - DDTB [Control Recordings]

Consequence of the Properties: deep progressive trance; this was the first mix I made publicly available. A review of this mix appears on Ishkur's fine rave commentary site here: http://www.ishkur.com/djmixes/kundabuffer.php. (May 2001)

  • Sleepwalker - Face to Face (Halogen Mix) [Eve]
  • Blakstone - One Thing [Vapour]
  • Coma Pirates - Dragonfly [Fluid]
  • Excession - Affected [Fire]
  • The Fact - Contact [Vapour]
  • Lapdog - Special Mix 1 [Hellpass]
  • Quirk - Soft Focus (Hyperion Mix) [Automatic]
  • Mindbender - Apparition [Teknology]
  • Willerby - Freak (Dub Mix) [Fluid]
  • Evolution - Phoenix (Evolution's '99 Remix) [Fluid]

Track listings for the remaining mixes and cue files coming soon. All mixes are encoded at 128kbps. If you'd like a higher-quality MP3 or a CD, send an email to mixes@kundabuffer.org.